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The Coach

Passionate About Inspiring AUTHENTIC Change in Others

As a certified professional coach, Michael Lewis has a particularly strong sense of compassion, acceptance and accountability to partner with clients through difficult challenges along each step in the process of change.  His knowledge is based on experience both professional and personal as well as training in researched methods and techniques proven to be effective.

Michael’s true value shines forth when working with people struggling with professional and personal relationships, balancing priorities, motivation, self-acceptance/creating a user-friendly mind, wellness, self-care, spirituality and small business action plans.  People seeking his services are usually looking for a breakthrough in areas of their lives that they have ineffectually struggled or would like to make a major shift that leaves them happier, more connected and motivated to reach their full potential.


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Michael has a master’s degree in psychology, and his influences include cognitive behavioral techniques (especially ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Techniques), emotional intelligence/agility, positive psychology, neurobiology, family systems and motivational interviewing towards change.  His entrepreneurial skills have been developed over 10+ years having owned and run 5 small businesses.  He is well versed in recovery models with both professional training and ongoing participation in several 12-step programs.  Michael respects different cultures and celebrates diversity having worked with many clients from different countries, cultures, religious beliefs, socioeconomic statuses, sexual orientations and gender identities (preferred pronouns he/him/his).  Finally, Michael supports clients’ growth through continued development of wellness practices including meditation/mindfulness, spirituality, prayer, life/work balance, exercise, diet and self-care.


Michael is effective in using metaphor/analogy, humor and story telling to assist clients to retain concepts and make them their own.  He is an avid learner and supports all people having a growth mindset.  In working with him, you will discover quickly that he is naturally curious and loves to work with people.  He respects the expertise each person brings to their own life.

Fully engaging in the process of change wears away all that doesn’t matter leaving the possibility of knowing and accepting our true selves.  Out of this center, decisions and actions can be taken that lead to a truly fulfilling life with more meaning and effectiveness.  It starts with you identifying one thing in your life that you want to change or one goal you want to accomplish.  This is a path Michael can help you learn how to take more effectively.  While he has some universal suggestions on how humans function (based on scientific research), the actions you take must necessarily be individually yours and fit in your life.

A few things learned along the way:

  • Struggle and some pain is necessary for growth, however, long suffering is optional.

  • Anything worth doing can be broken into smaller attainable steps.

  • Gratitude is not just an attitude, it is a daily key habit for satisfaction in life.

  • Everything cannot be controlled, but there are some key things that can be controlled or influenced and others requiring acceptance which makes all the difference. 

  • Action is always more important than certainty for success at anything.

  • Amazing things happen when we show up for what we've committed to.

  • Ambivalence towards change is not only normal but a given.

  • Sometimes relapse is part of the recovery process, but it never means all that was learned before is lost.

  • There is always more to learn, and knowing the right answers is often replaced by asking the right questions.

  • Finally, healing occurs when we embrace with love and forgiveness that which we push away.

Oh, and....make it a point to make your bed every day after you wake (this simple habit can change your life).

To discuss the possibility of working with Michael and get you to your next steps:  Schedule an initial conversation.

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology from Trinity University

  • Certified Professional Coach from International Coach Academy

  • Working towards Credential from International Federation of Coaching

  • Cognitive Behavioral Psychology

  • Neuroscience

  • Positive Psychology

  • Deep Coaching including spirituality 

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Recovery based models

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