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Passionate About Inspiring Authentic Change in Others

Michael Lewis is more than just a coach—he's a catalyst for authentic, transformative change. Armed with a master's degree in psychology, numerous coaching certifications, including the prestigious National Board Certification for Health and Wellness Coaching, and over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, Michael brings a dynamic blend of professional prowess and personal wisdom to his practice.

His expertise spans a spectrum of crucial life domains: from nurturing professional and personal relationships to igniting motivation, fostering wellness, overcoming self-destructive patterns including addiction, and nurturing spiritual development. Michael doesn't just guide; he partners with clients on a journey of profound growth and self-discovery. Drawing from an extensive toolkit that includes cognitive behavioral techniques (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), motivational interviewing, emotional intelligence training, appreciative inquiry, and mindfulness practices like meditation, he tailors his approach to suit each individual's needs.

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At the heart of Michael's coaching philosophy lies compassion, acceptance, and unwavering but gentle accountability. He sees his work as a sacred mission, honoring the diverse paths and unique strengths of every client. Through the art of metaphor, humor, and storytelling, he empowers clients to not only understand but to truly embody transformative concepts.

For Michael, transformation isn't just about change—it's about tapping into the essence of one's True Self or Source, removing blockages, and allowing natural energy and motivation to flow. He guides clients in uncovering their deepest desires and aligning their actions with their authentic values.

Ready to embark on a journey of personal growth and fulfillment? With Michael by your side, you'll navigate the path to transformation with confidence and clarity.

A few nuggets learned along the way:

  • Struggle and some pain is necessary for growth, however, suffering is optional.

  • Anything worth doing can be broken into smaller attainable steps.

  • Gratitude is not just an attitude, it is a daily key habit for satisfaction in life.

  • Everything cannot be controlled, but there are some key things that can be controlled or influenced and others requiring acceptance which makes all the difference. 

  • Action is always more important than certainty for success at anything.

  • Amazing things happen when we show up for what we've committed to.

  • Ambivalence towards change is not only normal but a given.

  • Sometimes relapse is part of the recovery process, but it never means all that was learned before is lost.

  • There is always more to learn, and knowing the right answers is often replaced by asking the right questions.

  • Finally, healing occurs when we embrace with love and forgiveness that which we push away.

Oh, and....make it a point to make your bed every day after you wake (this simple habit can change your life).​


  • Masters in Counseling Psychology from Trinity University

  • Bachelors in Rehabilitation Services

  • Certified Professional Coach from International Coach Academy

  • Master Certified Health Coach through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

  • Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Qualifications & Communities

  • 15+ years as a mental health professional

  • 15+ years as business owner - 5 small businesses

  • 5+ years in recovery communities having worked the steps in multiple programs, sponsored and service work

  • Professional Coaching since 2019

  • Practicing Buddhist, LGBTQA+

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